The fin-tech is an important accelerator

The future of banking is in innovation, but it is in our company DNA

Jose Saloio:

The fin-tech is an important accelerator
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Автор: Toni Grigorova

Jose Saloio has been CEO of the BNP Paribas Personal Finance Bulgaria since April 2018. He has over 15 years of experience in consumer lending and his entire career is connected with BNP Paribas Personal Finance, part of the BNP Paribas Group.

The change in the world of money in environment, driven by the internet and global connection is revolutionary. Internet provides great opportunities for all market players – banks, merchants and clients. Using big data, AI, and machine learning we as a leading consumer lender know better our customers and may offer them personalized approach. The merchants may offer innovative approach regarding the purchases’ financing. For instance, with our calculator, which we provide them for free, the client gets detailed information about various schemes for online purchases on installments. Internet facilitates the communication and now people may contact us 24/7, to apply online or to get information about their credit from tools as our chatbot “Chatty”, which is 100% free and is used by more than 7 000 Bulgarians monthly.

The increasing penetration of mobile devices and mobile internet is a game changer and its convenience. For instance, 76% of the requests for consumer loans, which we receive online, are submitted from smartphones. People use their mobile devices also to contact us via Facebook, chatbot or Viber.

The fin-tech is an important accelerator to provide better and better user experience in financial sector. We perceive fin-tech as the innovative use of technology in the design, and delivery of financial services. That is why, it is very important the financial companies not only to develop fintech solutions, but to integrate them smoothly in every touch point with the client – physical or digital. We invest a lot in fin-tech solutions and thanks to innovative tools we succeeded to transfer repetitive tasks to robots.

The convenience for business and people will be the driver that will differentiate the successful market players. The competition between the financial institutions will be in the field of services and customer experience and only those who succeed in development and implementation of seamless customer journey and support the digital transformation of their partners will record business growth.

The customer experience is the mantra of the modern business and it is in the focus of our activities. People demand convenience and to find a partner who acts as one stop shop for many financial operations. Also, they are more inclined to work with a company, which has personalized approach, saves them time, is accessible when the client needs information or assistance and offers transparent and secure products and services.

The security in the internet driven world of financial services is as important as the convenience. That is why we invest a lot in processes and services with the highest possible security level.

The risk management… Today it is not only to grant a credit, but to grant it in responsible way. Regarding this, an important factor is the evolution on our back-end system to have always better scoring engineering.

The future of banking is in the innovations. Innovation is in our company DNA.