My colleague, the robot

PAPi is the fastest employee of Popov, Arnaudov & Partners Law Firm

Vladislav Bozhikov and Emilian Arnaudov
Vladislav Bozhikov and Emilian Arnaudov
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 The development of artificial intelligence is one of the topics that Economy magazine follows and covers. We hope that the circumstances would allow us to hold the “Artificial Intelligence and I” (AI&I) conference again this year.

Until recently, there were fears that with the accelerated development of artificial intelligence, robots would soon displace humans and leave them unemployed. However, robots could be

irreplaceable assistants

A law firm unloaded from some valuable time-consuming activities by transferring them to a robot. They even received the BAIT Award in the "Successful ICT project for the benefit of the Bulgarian economy" category.

Attorneys with a strong professional and purely human interest in innovation and new technologies work at Popov, Arnaudov & Partners. Therefore, among them there is already an employee who is faster than everyone, but has not made anyone redundant. PAPi is a robot that has its own workplace. It is not a humanoid, but rather a software program that, in 3-4 minutes, manages to process large amounts of information, while previously the same task took its most qualified colleagues over 4 hours to complete.

"With the advancement of technology

there is a change

in the way we do our business. In 2003, I was an intern and in court we had to manually sort through the files to find out what was going on with the cases. With the development of e-justice, it has become possible for us to do these checks online. But it also takes a lot of time", says lawyer Emilian Arnaudov. The robot can make references and solve complex tasks with diligence. If there is a change in a case, PAPi sends a message to the colleague responsible. This is a great convenience that saves time from routine technical tasks.

The process of implementing the

virtual assistant

took several months. This development was not specifically designed for the law firm, but the robot was trained by Web Experiments to perform specific tasks for them. For this purpose, lawyers have developed and laid out the specific processes that the machine should follow. But PAPi also had a trial period in which it showed its capabilities and advantages. In order to maintain a high level of competence, both humans and machines must constantly upgrade their knowledge. PAPi is also keen to constantly learn new skills, otherwise it will quickly reach a point where it will no longer be effective and become unusable. It shows a willingness to receive new tasks and develop more functionalities.

The robot substitutes lawyers in the

tedious tasks

of logically repetitive processes. However, can lawyers be replaced by artificial intelligence? Popov, Arnaudov and Partners believe that this time is too far in the future, as the modern world is complex and requires many custom solutions and flexibility. However, their expectation is that more and more companies will have a virtual assistant to work with large databases, as no employee can measure up in terms of the speed and efficiency which the AI has in this field.

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