Zarina Gencheva: We Strive to Reach Every Consumer

In the last 15 years, Metroreklama proved to be a reliable partner for the implementation of various advertising campaigns

Mrs. Gencheva, Metroreklama offers out of home advertising. Which is the niche market that you serve?

In the last 15 years, the company proved to be a reliable partner for the implementation of various advertising campaigns, both in exterior and interior environment, and at the point of sale. It is important for us to meet and exceed our customers' expectations for the performance and proper positioning of advertising activities. The so called "Out of Home Media" has developed extremely dynamically in the recent years with the expansion of the Sofia's underground, the development of commercial sites, the renovation of the transport and infrastructure, the improvement of the urban environment. Our goal at Metroreklama is, by using visual communication in combining different channels, to reach every consumer, and the advertising message and vision to generate maximum effect.

Consumersattitudes and expectations change. How does this affect the advertising business?

Actually, business dynamics is of utmost importance. That is why we invest in systems for improving the internal organization and increasing efficiency. We are proud that Metroreklama became an example for a precise, correct and reliable partner for all clients and colleagues in the field of advertising. We continue to develop our business and improve the quality of services with the same enthusiasm, optimism and persistency. 

What innovations did you employ in response to the changing way of communication?

Metroreklama relies on new technologies, and thanks to the integrated ERP system, we have been operating tens of thousands of equipment units simultaneously for 10 years now. We are constantly upgrading our integrated software, so that we are always up to date with the novelties and the changes that are offered on the market. Generally speaking, Out of Home Media is a media that is more traditional and emphasizes on the passive, not the aggressive visual communication. However, in combination with the digital media, it gives additional opportunities for the realization of holistic marketing solutions that have no analogue. 

How did you achieve maximum advertising efficiency?

The successful outdoor campaign is determined by the adequate combination of various communication channels according to the goals set by the client. It must arouse curiosity and excite the client. More and more companies realize the need of well-planned marketing strategies and the effective distribution of each element of the media mix. In the team of Metroreklama we have professionals who know the market very well and advise the client on the best option after specifying the parameters of the particular request.

Which is  the "cornerstone" on which the stability of any advertising business depends at the moment?

The stability of every business, including advertising, depends on the establishment of clear, well-motivated and adequate rules that are applied consistently and are being respected. That is why in most big cities in Bulgaria regulations on advertising are being prepared which control the placement and the ways of realization of advertising activities.

How will the "metroreklama" (metro advertisement) of tomorrow look like?

Metroreklama does not stop developing. For the past five years alone, we have succeeded in doubling the company's financial results and team, as well as expanding the advertising channels, features and services that we offer. We believe that the great successes are yet to come, and we continue to persevere and consistently achieve them.  

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