The Game of Colours

07:02 25.03.2019

The artist Kiril Andreev creates his own mystical world in his vivid canvasses


The Flying Start of Scailyte

07:03 18.03.2019

The Bulgarian Dr. Petar Nestorov has created an innovative startup in Switzerland with a promising development for biomedical data analysis

Етикети: business | Dr Petar Nestorov | Scailyte | Diamond Prize

Robots Take Over Art

07:03 11.03.2019

Machines already sing in duets with people, write their own literary works and draw

Етикети: art | Robors | Sofia

The Universe of Neil deGrasse Tyson

12:06 04.03.2019

How a planetarium employee became a millionaire and, incidentally, changed our understanding of space

Етикети: Neil deGrasse Tyson | Science | Hayden Planetarium

Nikolay Jeliazov: The best investment is in the people

07:03 25.02.2019

Anyone who has the necessary knowledge would have the chance to work with us, as long as they are motivated to continuously study and develop in their fields

Етикети: Nikolay Jeliazov | Financial Manager | Cargotec Business Services

Valeri Mektupchiyan: Work and Patience Is my Way to Success

07:03 18.02.2019

Only after the tenth year, a good business begins to give sweet and ripe fruits

Етикети: visionary | Speedy | Valeri Mektupchiyan

The Euro Turns 20

07:04 11.02.2019

Only a commitment to flexibility and a willingness to rise to new challenges will ensure the common currency’s continued success

Етикети: Project Syndicate | euro | eurozone | Daniel Gros

Shelter from the Storm in 2019

07:03 04.02.2019

In the coming year, global economic, financial, and political stability will depend on outcomes in four areas. And what happens on one front is likely to affect the prospects for positive outcomes on all the others

Етикети: Project Syndicate | Barry Eichengreen

The Future of the Tobacco Industry is Smoke-free

07:03 29.01.2019

Regulators need to create favourable conditions for the current smokers who cannot quit to switch to reduced risk alternatives

Етикети: IQOS | George Margonis | Philip Morris International | Philip Morris Bulgaria | Tobacco | alternative tobacco products

A Leader Can See beyond the Obvious

08:04 19.01.2019

The three “toolkits” in my style of management: listen carefully, delegate precisely, control delicately

Етикети: business | leader | Dr Nikolay Kolev | Plena Bulgaria | Ognyanovo K

If We Lack Trained Staff, We Need to Develop Them

07:03 14.01.2019

The deficit of good management and social responsibility towards workers is the cause of labour shortage

Етикети: business | Radomir Cholakov | KAOLIN

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