Alexander Dimitrov: Mtel Becomes A1 and Remains an Innovator

07:06 23.05.2018

Our ambitions is to be the first telecom in Bulgaria that will offer the 5G technology


If Society Prospers, It Should Be Felt By Pensioners

07:02 14.05.2018

There is no pension scheme in the world, public or private, that is isolated from the problem of population aging

Етикети: Ivaylo Ivanov | National Social Security Institute | insurance | pension system

A Game Can Teach

02:52 08.05.2018

There are new methods for companies to increase their efficiency in quick and easy way

Етикети: The Business Institute | game | gamification | Tsvetelina Tenev | Svetlan Stanoev

Bulgarian Masters of Mapping

07:01 30.04.2018

MP Studio is among the pioneers in projecting 3D visual effects and interactive installations on different objects

Етикети: MP Studio | Marin Petkov | 3D mapping | 3D visual effects

The KEAN Sisters from the Cyprus’ Fruit Empire

07:03 23.04.2018

The 70-year-old company is the island's leader in the production and export of natural juices

Етикети: KEAN | Kikoula Kotsapas | Evi Papadopoulou | juices

Where Are the Women Billionaires

07:04 16.04.2018

The richest ladies are often heiresses or wives of entrepreneurs, and not "self-made"

Етикети: Fortune | Women Billionaires | rich

Daniela Uzunova: "I Want" and "I Can" Are My Favourite Words

07:55 09.04.2018

A company’s top is reached through work and some more work

Етикети: Daniela Uzunova | Danone | leader | leadership

Svetlin Nakov: Sofia Will Be a World Power in Blockchain Training

07:03 02.04.2018

SoftUni is becoming a technological knowledge provider – for now with entirely Bulgarian trainers and know-how

Етикети: IT | Svetlin Nakov | SoftUni | blockchain training | education

Shoes that Go Around the World

07:08 23.03.2018

How Valentina Bezuhanova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova had no experience in shoemaking but created a prestigious brand

Етикети: by FAR | startup | Valentina Bezuhanova | Sabina Gyosheva | Denitsa Bumbarova | shoes | Ingiliz - 2009 | Peshtera

Global nomads

07:01 12.03.2018

The generation that redefined entertainment, consumption, the workplace and the market itself appeared on the labour market

Етикети: Generation Z | Generation X | labour market | human resources | Detelina Smilkova

Michalakis Leptos: Business leadership is integrity

07:53 05.03.2018

There is always room for improvements, says the 80-year-old head of a land and building development business empire and winner of the 2017 Honorary Award for an overall contribution to entrepreneurship in Cyprus

Етикети: Leptos Group of Companies | Michalakis Leptos | Cyprus | business | doyen