Everyone Makes Their Own Choice Whether to Be Happy or Not

07:02 20.05.2019

The technological revolution brought us into the virtual offshore of ideas


Technology Comes After There Is a Demand for It

10:49 13.05.2019

Let us together make Bulgaria a recognizable place where high-tech products and services are created

Етикети: technology | visionary | Out2Bbound | Dimitar Mitkov | Teofil Shikov | Boris Georgiev | Zdravko Zdravkov

Internet Affects Memory and Thinking

08:06 06.05.2019

Digital division among people has begun. But will gaining more external memory with faster access make the difference between a human and a super intelligent robot disappear

Етикети: Academician Kiril Boyanov | Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Internet

There Are Many Possibilities for Achieving a Goal

11:29 29.04.2019

Control does not mean looking for mistakes in reports, but is a prerequisite for achieving the expected results

Етикети: Liliya Georgieva-Stolyarchuk

When you feel like you cannot go any further, don’t stop but speed up

07:02 22.04.2019

The trace I would like to leave behind: every person, project or place which I have touched upon to become slightly better than before

Етикети: business | leader | Svetlana Prodanova | BNI Bulgaria

Without the Rule of Law, Democracy Mutates into an Oligarchic System

07:03 15.04.2019

The economy needs faster growth and shortening of the time for reaching 70% of the European standard of living

Етикети: economy | Ivan Kostov | Democracy | Growth

We must always be ready for a change

07:02 08.04.2019

Companies are successful when they find entirely new markets that meet the unsatisfied needs of clients

Етикети: change | business | Economy Magazine | Rumyana Kyuchukova

Honesty is the foundation of partnership

07:02 01.04.2019

Every contract is an open or a closed door into the future

Етикети: Stoyan Stavrev | Bulgarian Consultancy Organization

The Game of Colours

07:02 25.03.2019

The artist Kiril Andreev creates his own mystical world in his vivid canvasses

Етикети: art | Gallery | Artist | Kiril Andreev

The Flying Start of Scailyte

07:03 18.03.2019

The Bulgarian Dr. Petar Nestorov has created an innovative startup in Switzerland with a promising development for biomedical data analysis

Етикети: business | Dr Petar Nestorov | Scailyte | Diamond Prize

Robots Take Over Art

07:03 11.03.2019

Machines already sing in duets with people, write their own literary works and draw

Етикети: art | Robors | Sofia

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