Communications are our chance to live normally

06:37 04.07.2020

We have been able to quickly respond to our customers' new demands


Hristo Neychev: Each crisis opens new horizons

07:05 11.07.2020

Catch the wind of change and automate everything that can be done by robots or artificial intelligence

Етикети: business | Hristo Neychev | Crisis | coronavirus

Now Is the Time for Tough Decisions

21:20 28.06.2020

Today the Finance Director Looks beyond everyday tasks to long-term value creation

Етикети: Antoniya Yordanova | Chief Financial Officer | YNV Group

Getting closer to Mr. and Mrs. Economy 2020

07:04 22.06.2020

In a year of great trials, the awards will be even more valuable

Етикети: Petia Dimitrova | Postbank | Mr and Mrs Economy 2020

If you don’t stop trying, you will succeed

07:04 15.06.2020

The most successful companies are those that foresee the future and give customers what they never even knew they needed

Етикети: TESY | Tsvetomir Tsankov | Electric Water Heaters Business Unit

People are the engine of growth

07:04 08.06.2020

If construction is stopped in times of a crisis, that cuts off the heart of the economy

Етикети: Construction | Vladimir Zhitenski | GP Group AD

Human Memory and Its Secrets

08:04 25.05.2020

Science is yet to make breakthroughs in the study of the human “software”

Етикети: Science | Knowledge | Memory

We are reviving abandoned industrial areas while thinking about the future of the city

07:04 11.05.2020

The company has undertaken the largest investment in a construction site in Sofia

Етикети: Galaxy Investment Group | Konstantin Boyadzhiev

From the Paint to the Wall and Beyond

07:04 04.05.2020

ESCREO has found a successful model for creating innovative products

Етикети: startup | Elena Nikolova | Yasen Rusev | Iskren Mitev | Escreo

Transmetrix: Stop Transporting Air

07:04 27.04.2020

A Bulgarian company is transforming the transport and logistics business through predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence

Етикети: Transmetrics | Asparuh Koev

A Coin Always Has Two Sides

07:45 20.04.2020

Numbers say something new every time, depending on the angle of view

Етикети: Accedia | Financial Manager | Eliana Bogdanova

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