A Leader Can See beyond the Obvious

08:04 19.01.2019

The three “toolkits” in my style of management: listen carefully, delegate precisely, control delicately


If We Lack Trained Staff, We Need to Develop Them

07:03 14.01.2019

The deficit of good management and social responsibility towards workers is the cause of labour shortage

Етикети: business | Radomir Cholakov | KAOLIN

Technology remodels insurance as well

07:03 07.01.2019

We are introducing a new product and every our home property insurance will contain an online protection coverage

Етикети: technology | insurance | Kosta Cholakov | DZI

There Are Clouds on the Horizon, but I do not Expect Storms

07:02 02.01.2019

The economic cycle has reached its peak and growth rates in 2019 will be lower - not only in Bulgaria, but in Europe and globally

Етикети: banks | Finance | Oliver Roegl

Digitalisation Is a Long Path that We will Have to Walk

08:04 25.12.2018

The client always wants one thing: a better, cheaper and faster service

Етикети: FinTech | Postbank | banks | Petya Dimitrova | Mrs Economy 2018 | Finance

Telecommunications Move Faster Than Even FMCG

13:15 18.12.2018

A1 has the largest market share among the corporate clients

Етикети: A1 | Alexander Dimitrov | Mr Economy 2018 | Telecommunications

A Cypriot Is Heading the European Brewers

07:04 10.12.2018

Five Photiades, headed by the “Patriarch of the Cypriot Business”, manage the family business empire today

Етикети: Cyprus | Beer | Pavlos Photiades | European brewers | Photos Photiades Group

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

07:06 26.11.2018

Lean Management is a master formula in the development of innovations by both start-ups and corporations

Етикети: marketing | Hristo Neychev | Lean Management

Borders beyond the Borders

07:03 19.11.2018

With her paintings, the artist Aglika Gaytanikova provokes us to look deeper inside into our own limitations

Етикети: art | Gallery | Aglika Gaytanikova

Rumen Tsonev: Development is the Purpose of All Efforts

07:03 12.11.2018

I measure my achievements mainly by numbers and less by emotions

Етикети: leader | Rumen Tsonev | KCM 2000 Group

Through the figures, I can see the whole cycle of production

07:03 05.11.2018

I love preparing financial reports myself - this gives me more confidence in my job

Етикети: Tsvetanka Karaivanova | CFO | Dundee Precious Metals | Chelopech | Krumovgrad

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