Rumen Tsonev: Development is the Purpose of All Efforts

07:03 12.11.2018

I measure my achievements mainly by numbers and less by emotions


Through the figures, I can see the whole cycle of production

07:03 05.11.2018

I love preparing financial reports myself - this gives me more confidence in my job

Етикети: Tsvetanka Karaivanova | CFO | Dundee Precious Metals | Chelopech | Krumovgrad

It Is Time for a Great Change in Education

07:03 29.10.2018

The dual system is a way for businesses and vocational high schools to create opportunities for training and career development of young specialists

Етикети: education | Ivan Vutov | Geotrading | dual education system

Fikret Ince: Together We Can Achieve Much More

07:04 22.10.2018

Bulgaria should no longer be seen as a place with cheap labor

Етикети: Fikret Ince | Chairman | Supervisory Board | Alcomet

We Will Become a Key Player in Health Insurance

07:05 15.10.2018

We have a good reputation because we fulfil our commitments accurately

Етикети: insurance | Dancho Danchev | Generali Insurance

We Will Provide Internet in Every City in India within 5 Years

07:03 08.10.2018

We want to turn the existing around 100, 000 small neighbourhood cable operators into a first-class Internet service provider

Етикети: Excitel | Nikolay Gorchilov | Indi | internet provider | inteernet

Stoyan Mavrodiev: We Support Economic Growth and Innovation

07:05 01.10.2018

The EUR 1.5 billion agreement with the China Development Bank is a milestone for the Bulgarian Development Bank, as well as for the banking sector in Bulgaria

Етикети: Stoyan Mavrodiev | Bulgarian Development Bank

Next-Generation Packages

07:03 10.08.2018

In this business, you are either at a world-class level or you are out of the market, assures the CEO of Mechatronika Engineer Miroslav Hinkov

Етикети: Packages | Miroslav Hinkov | Inventor | Mechatronika

How to Find Quick Solutions

07:03 23.07.2018

Hackathons are a technological tool that can provide you with valuable ideas and innovations within 2-3 days

Етикети: hackathon | hackathons

Marcel van der Hoek: In Bulgaria, the Digitization in the Industry Will Expand

07:04 09.07.2018

ABB Group's Investments in the Country Continue to Grow

Етикети: digitalisation | industry | Marcel van der Hoek | ABB Bulgaria | ABB Group | Automation

Kosta Cholakov: The Client is a Conductor of Changes

07:03 02.07.2018

To learn from our own mistakes - this is the lesson learned the hardest way

Етикети: insurance | Kosta Cholakov | DZI | leaders

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