Krasimir Kotsev: Let’s Work Smart Instead of Working Hard

07:04 11.11.2019

China pursues its own goals, which it skilfully achieves. We have strengths that we have to develop


Is there light at the end of the tunnel

07:04 04.11.2019

Tunnel construction in Bulgaria is entirely dependent on the state and its vision on how to build the transport infrastructure

Етикети: Eng Valentin Trashliev | Euro Alliance Engineering Group Tunnels | Infrastructure

Saving Is a Way of Thinking

07:04 28.10.2019

People tend to invest if they see an opportunity that gives them the desired combination of risk, profitability and liquidity, Ivan Ivanov says

Етикети: Savings | Personal Finance | Ivan Ivanov | Retail Banking Directorate Bulgarian-American Credit Bank

There is a Good Return on Investments in Education and Training

07:04 21.10.2019

In times of dynamic technological changes, the one who is well-orientated in the situation and adapts well will survive

Етикети: Atanas Germanov | Festo Production

The power of money lies in its ability to make goals come closer

07:04 14.10.2019

Digital transformation turns banks into faster and more convenient services suppliers

Етикети: TBI Bank | Chairman | Finance | Valentin Galabov | Management Board | TBIF Group

Smart Cities Need 5G Networks

07:05 02.10.2019

Truly successful companies have their own path, they have to develop the market and the society

Етикети: Vivacom | 5G | IT | smart cities | Telecommunications | Atanas Dobrev | ITC

The Magnetic Power of Animals

10:47 29.07.2019

Emotion sells – this formula works very successfully in the tourism business, too

Етикети: tourism | Animals | Cats | Dogs | Elephants | Buffalos | Elena | Kilazhevtsi

The Bitcoins of the Ancestors

07:03 22.07.2019

The curious transformation of money from rare items to cryptocurrencies

Етикети: Bitcoim | Cryptocurrency | Money | Ancient

Gadgets from the Fairy Tales

07:04 15.07.2019

Flying carpets and speed boots are now a reality and can turn anyone into a superhero

Етикети: Gadgets | Flying Carpet | ARCA Space Corporation | hoverboard | Speed Hoverboots

The Fast Train of Industry 4.0 Might Run Us over

07:04 08.07.2019

In Sofia Tech Park, we will create an incubator for companies that will apply CERN technologies

Етикети: technology | Sofia Tech Park | Prof Dr Leandar Litov | Insudtry 40 | CERN

People are the force that drives the company forward

10:35 01.07.2019

In order to maintain a cohesive team, you need a common goal to unite everyone

Етикети: A1 | human resources | Miglena Uzunova-Tsekova | Senior Director

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