Information Is the Fuel of the Future

Users expect us to provide them with an easy and convenient way for using online services at the maximum level of security

Tunio Zafer:

Information Is the Fuel of the Future

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Tunio Zafer is the CEO of pCloud - company for cloud storage services. He has over 17-year management and marketing experience in the field of technology. He has participated in a number of projects, MTelekom,, and Mobile Innovations among them. In 2013, together with Anton Titov, who is the Chief Technical Officer, they create pCloud.

When there is a strong gust of wind, some people start to build solid concrete fences to protect themselves, while others build windmills to get the benefits. Some companies see that security is a key element for both users and businesses, and they start to provide services related to this important aspect of any online presence.

The rapid development of the IT, the entrance of smart devices and cloud technologies leads to a

Serious Threat 

of information leaks and the risk of identity theft. One of the main problems is that often the business sector does not see the threat and does not make enough efforts to ensure protection. What is created is a closed circle between businesses and users who underestimate the security risks and neglect them until a serious problem occurs due to leak of passwords and personal information. This is when we start thinking about protecting our information in a better way. The main reason for this is society’s insufficient awareness of online security threats.

Banking is a conservative business.

Banks Cautiously Step Toward Any Novelty,

and when they decide to take such a step, they reach one of the two extremes – either, led by the desire to facilitate users, they ignore security, or by trying to protect themselves from a possible theft, they make it difficult for users to take advantage of their services. There are still some banks that work with certificates that are installed on only one browser or on only one phone. If you have to make a transaction on the go through a device on which you didn’t previously have access, it becomes absolutely impossible for the transaction to take place. The other case would be to make it easy for someone who takes your phone to make a transaction on your behalf. In the coming months and years, the situation will change drastically. The emergence of online banks, such as Revolut, will affect the market. They justify lower taxes with the fact that they do not have a physical network of bank branches, but they take care of users’ security and manage to offer ease and satisfaction when using their products. The companies that digitalize traditional businesses, facilitate users, and at the same time, create security and convenience, will be imposed on the marked.

Institutions Have Taken Measures

for network security aiming to protect companies and end-users by trying to impose on businesses the responsibility for their customers and consumers’ security. People need to be aware of the consequences of sharing information, and of everything that they do or do not do on the Internet. Some of the companies are not ready to react to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679 - GDPR ). Large fines are laid down, there are rumours about a percentage of the company’s annual turnover that will lead to serious disturbances if the regulation starts to be strictly applied.

Security is becoming 

An Integral Part of Every Business

that has an online presence. Great changes are about to take place.

It turned out that pCloud met over 90% of the requirements of the Regulation, even before it took actions related to GDPR. Our clients can use the pCloud Crypto service that gives the opportunity to protect your files in just a few simple steps. A Norwegian company made an audit of the system and gave it a very high assessment score. It has the highest security level that exists on the Internet and leaves security management to the final users - no one except the owner of information has access to it. As service supplier, we also don’t have any idea what kind of information is stored with us.

Last year,

We Provoked Hackers from All over the World

to break the functionality of pCloud Crypto and we offered a prize of USD 100,000. Nearly 3,000 organizations and hackers tried to make a breakthrough in the system but failed. Thus, we proved that with an innovative approach towards functionalities that are available on the market, maximum service security can be offered. The interest towards us is intensifying and this shows that there will be a serious development in this segment.

The emergence of the quantum computers in the near future will lead to an even greater need of complexity of algorithms used for encryption, so that computers do not have enough power to decrypt the information. In all cases, the complexity of encryption will increase. In itself, it is much more mathematics than simple programming. Bulgarians have a talent in this respect, we also have good enough schools, which provides an environment to create and develop good specialists in this field in Bulgaria.

Anyone who has any kind of business will have to disposes of

Good Enough Knowledge

on Internet security. In the last 10 years, people got used to sharing information on social networks, but when they are assured that this makes them vulnerable, an encapsulation in sharing will follow. Steps are needed to ensure the security of the users as much as possible. Information security measures and the access to the Internet will be tightened. Users and clients expect us to provide the easiest and simplest way for them to continue doing their business without worrying about security.

Information is the fuel of the future, it is everyone’s biggest wealth and it must be preserved in a reliable way.
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