The New Six from the Accelerator of CleanTech Bulgaria

The young entrepreneurs are developing innovative technologies, offering environmentally friendly solutions and finding new market niches

The New Six from the Accelerator of CleanTech Bulgaria


Снимка: EconomyMagazine/Krassimir Svrakov

Автор: Yana Koleva

Innovation is not just a good idea; it is a sought after and desirable result, which comes as a response to specific problems and a realized need. This is what the six startups, which completed successfully the Accelerator Program of CleanTech Bulgaria and EIT Climate-KIC 2019, aimed at the pre-seed development of solutions for sustainable business, clean technology and climate innovations, were convinced in. The six months of practical training, accompanied by specialized services, coaching and financial support of up to EUR 50,000 per team, ended up with a public presentation of the opportunities, progress and ambitions of each startup.


are about to bring a revolution in packaging with their new technology. They use materials that are fully in line with the principles of the circular economy, and this is a guarantee that they won’t be the next producer of waste. At the end of their life-cycle, all packages made by them can be re-used since they are absolutely degradable – they turn into a fertilizer and you could even compose them yourself. The company takes care of the whole process from the design to the final look of the packaging, but also of the delivery to the client; thus, businesses save time and money and have the strategic advantage of using innovative packaging. The team has expertise in various technologies and is already developing pilot projects and partnerships. This is the conclusion that Deyan Georgiev, Managing Partner at Biomyc, made during his stay at the Accelerator: Often, the idea seems great at the beginning, but later, it turns out that it is not. That is why you should first try it out in its smallest possible variant. And most importantly – take action!

OS Implants

has focused on 3D printing of personalized implants – first, for veterinary use, and later, for people. In Bulgaria, this niche is still unoccupied. For 6 months only, the ambitious team has managed to develop a 3D printing platform and three implant product lines, which will be used for different purposes; they are also developing image converting software. They have started with implants for cats and dogs and already have their first successful experiments with their models. As a result of the program, Vanyo Vezirov, Managing Director of the company, summarizes: The team is the most important, and if it is working closely together and has a good vision, it can create innovations of significant importance to the human kind.

ENova H2O

is working on a “pocket lab” for measuring water quality. Their solution makes it easy, fast and cheap to determine whether there is any contamination. The ultra-mobile analysis system is based on a new generation of biosensors designed by the team. They can detect organic pollutants in the water in seconds – directly at the measurement site, without the need for sampling and transportation to a specialized laboratory. After going through some trials, the entrepreneurs from ENova H2O give advice to all enthusiasts: If you come up with a promising idea, there are many obstacles that must be overcome to make it a working business.


reduces the operational costs of energy distribution companies and energy traders through artificial intelligence. The combination of algorithms and multiple data sources allows for fast, accurate and reliable forecasts to be provided. They solve problems related to, for example, balancing the grid, preparing forecasts for renewable energy production, detecting electricity thefts.


is a biotechnology company that produces insect feed from Black Soldier Fly (BSF). A successful solution has been found for making nature-friendly proteins. The idea is not new, such farms have existed for years around the world, but Nasekomo is the first in Eastern Europe to start such a production. Their ambition is to build their first industrial factory in 2022 because it is an industry with huge potential.

“When you are looking for a solution to a problem, share it, and you will always find someone to help you,” Yana Balnikova says from her experience.


has a passion for renovation. The team is committed to bringing new life to old furniture. This is a business that keeps nature in mind. They bring together artists and people with the ability to renovate furniture, and provide a sales channel through their online shop. Their intention is to enter the b2b sector. These young ladies with engineering backgrounds realize how difficult a task they have undertaken, but they believe their “eco-friendly recipe” will work.

The six companies are well aware that success from now on will depend on the presence of investors, reliable partners and clients. And the organizers at CleanTeck, who manage the EIT Climate-KIC Regional Innovation Hub for Bulgaria, expect the Accelerator to open an application window for the fifth edition of the program by the end of the year. Thus, in 2020, other Bulgarian entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to turn their green ideas into a sustainable business.

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