Fragments of an Old Tape

The paintings of Prof. Svetozar Benchev provoke thoughts about the authenticity of perceptions under the influence of the screen

Снимка: EconomyMagazine/Krassimir Svrakov

Today, staring at the screen, people get obsessed with it. It is somewhat paradoxical, but it is namely through the screen that modern people perceive the world as more real and more authentic than the physical one.

Ten years ago, Prof. Svetozar Benchev, now Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at the National Academy of Arts, noticed this fact and began to study

the strange game of human perceptions

and to recreate it by means of fine art.

His first project was "New Camera Obscura", which is actually the ancestor of digital cameras. Since then, technology has evolved, and the "eye" is getting used to distinguishing more and more things. Two more of his projects "Like Fragments of an Old Tape" follow. The understanding that the fragment is part of the whole was a key element in working on them. Like DNA, it is the carrier of all information and through it we can complete this whole in our consciousness. At the same time, everything related to our personal existence is

a fragment of something vast

- the universe, time, space.

Svetozar Benchev is well acquainted with both analogue and digital technologies and through his work he encourages reflection on that other reality which emerges from the interaction of the physical and digital reality. That is why his paintings in the "Like Fragments of an Old Tape" series imitate a screen with the intention for the viewer to look at them and see the other projection of reality - invisible or neglected, but existing. Prof. Benchev is looking for an answer regarding

the authenticity of the images

and provokes us to enter the game of imagination, part of which is the format of paintings with a ratio of 16:9. The "screen," or the picture, becomes the trusted mediator between the human and reality.

The exhibition was shown at the Nuance Gallery in Sofia. The "Fragments of an Old Tape" already exist, and everyone who has seen them is part of this "movie." And they can look on their own for answers about the authenticity of perceptions and the way the screen affects them.

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