The Power of the Brand

Building a personal brand is like cooking - follow the rules, but be a creator

The Power of the Brand
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Автор: Yana Koleva

The person makes the name and the name makes the person. Work for your name and later on it will work for you. Who has not heard of that? It is an art to turn your name into a brand, and such a skill is a real value in the strict and the figurative sense. However, do we make any effort to develop it every single day?

Drop by Drop

We receive a name right after our birth. Parents give new life to a new "brand," and from then on, we live under the umbrella of our given name; but the shaping of our identity begins, too. This is the start of a journey, on which we connect with people on the way, and every action and lack of action adds some value to our name. Thus, drop by drop, other people accumulate their idea of us. In fact, the personal brand is a set of elements that are combined under the name of the person, and represent him/her as a personality, a professional and a creator. Authentic behaviour, consistency in action, and intelligibility of speech are the three pillars of a good personal brand. The good name is a constitutional part of us, it requires special care, otherwise it will "get sick".

Successful Product

Name sells. If we analyse the process of creating and building a "personal trademark," we will notice the common features of the personal brand as a successful product. It is created by using the basic principles of good communication management. The personal brand is built with personal attitude and with a sense of detail in behaviour. Before you start working for your public image, it is good to be aware of what you want it to be.

Find a good communication consultant who will carefully work on your publicity, advise communications consultants. Professional care for our personal brand is important, but there are things that no one can do instead of us or despite us. Personal brand is related to very high personal engagement.

On-Line Presence

The virtual world is becoming part of our reality and we must have an ever stronger presence there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are channels that should not be overlooked. It only takes a few seconds to tweet and post, but you have to be careful what you publish. Special efforts are required to offer interesting and valuable content. You have to polish your style of communication. Personal brand goes hand-in-hand with skilful selection and precise control - always and in everything. Especially when it comes to on-line presence.

The Best

They say that good is an enemy of the best. This also applies to the building of personal brand. In this game, there is no beaten path, on which, if you take it, you will surely become a person with a popular name. There are some working rules and recipes, but as in cooking, follow the rules, but be a creator. The taste is influenced by the pinch of salt and the exact dose of spices. There are tactics that inspire and help us shine brightly. However, let us not forget that stars shine differently.


And yet, a name is a name; it is only the "packaging" of a "product" that we constantly create. Our inner self is the essence of the product. Robin Sharma, one of the most renowned business consultants on personal and professional development, reminds us that books can bring us closer to every great person and every genius. If we want to be in the company of Bill Gates, Salvador Dali, Dalai Lama, or Madonna, we can take their book. For the mind, expanded by a new idea, will not shrink to its original size.